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Be Proud Of Your Work!
Alternative Cartoons for Alternative Men
Here it is, fresh off the presses and ready for prime time! 
26th-Feb-2008 10:35 am
Badass Goth

I am proud of this book. It's the nicest in the series, the art is the best ever and the story is PUMPED! Sexy as hell! Way to go, Kerry Griswold!!
All of the usual suspects are included including Emperor Tiberius, Caligula and Claudius.

Psychotix and Texus are still on their honeymoon, as far as they are concerned, so they are continuously borrowing Gothix's house for their trysts. Meanwhile wannabe chief Retrogressix can't accept that Texus is here for love and he thinks their marriage is a sham. He is conducting his own investigation into their marriage, to everybody's annoyance, including his own sons.

On the Island of Capreae, Emperor Tiberius has just discovered a conspiracy against his life and is lining up men to help get rid of the conspirators. Because Texus once worked for the Emperor, this has inadvertently lined up Psychotix as one of the men to help him.

Oops. ooh. This situation is about to explode like greek lightning on a keg of pure grain alcohol.
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