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You Can Only Delay Progress, You Can't Stop It! 
7th-May-2009 11:03 am
Evil Pope
If there is one thing that all of us at Landwaster Media have in common is that none of us were fans of the policies of George W. Bush. We hated how civil rights took a back seat to the desire for corporate deregulation and militarism. One of the most odious results of the steady tampering with human rights was the emboldened religious right and the attempts to ban gay marriage. It never occurs to these religious nutjobs that the rights they take away today can apply to them tomorrow, once the country is in the business of taking away human rights.

When The Adventures of Psychotix first came out in 1999, Bill Clinton was president then. Even so, at conventions gay men, the primary readership of the series, came to the table silently and made their purchase quickly, as if they were getting some sneaky business done. Psychotix is sexxy, but not pornography. (There's too much story for it to be pornography.) When Bush came into power, it's like all the life was sucked out of gay men. Nearly all 0f the sales were at bookstores and on-line, as they tended to stay home.

Now with Maine becoming the sixth place in the U.S. to legalize gay marriage (Don't forget the District of Columbia), our hope is that more gay men will proudly come out to the comic conventions and boldly buy the graphic novels and dare anybody to say anything about it!
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