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Alternative Cartoons for Alternative Men

Showcasing gay male cartoonists' Erotic art
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gay male cartoonists showcasing erotic cartoon art
This community was created to feature panels from The Adventures of Psychotix. A humorous graphic novel series featuring a wide variety of gay men and lots of queer sexxxy art. The three major characters are: Psychotix, Texus Separatus a married couple living in the time of Emperor Tiberius, a bisexual Emperor with cross dressing Caligula waiting in the wings with a knife in one hand and a vial of poison in the other hand. If anyone ever made the correlation between sex and death, this guy did.
These are interesting times to say the least.
Psychotix and Texus's friends are Xenophelix III, "Gothix," the village drama and gossip manager, Eclectix, his partner who provides much of the drama, and the sexual tension between them. Gothix always wants an open relationship. Gothix's attitude is "sex first, questions later."
Also featured: Psychotix's big fat, beary ex, Drunkenkwix, Bongmagix, Punkmonk, Punklyrix, Texus's friends Primus Porksamplus, Frodus Conglomerus and Makesmuchlettus Wantsalexus.
Psychotix and Texus feature in a clash of wills against the bigoted, priggish, intolerant straight man Retrogressix and his clan who want things back old ways before Texus's arrival. Retrogressix and Psychotix are also in a huge battle for the chiefdom.
Note: historical nitpickers need not apply. I know the history.
Pompeii was the club scene way back when.

Julius Caesar was known as "every woman's husband and every man's wife." Augustus had more than a handshake friendship with Marcus Agrippa. Tiberius was openly bisexual and so was Caligula. Gay marriage wasn't as contentious an issue as it is today. A fact: Nero married one of his male slaves! So did Emperor Elagabalus (202-204 B.C.E.)
Caligula was a cross dresser. Tiberius liked 'em young and firm. There is much material in the history books to springboard from—except when you're wanting to read about the historical figure's sexual orientation. Then the history books get coy and censorious.
The continental celts were also very accepting of gay relations. It was a part of warrior culture. When the Germans looked upon the celts during their periodic invasions they thought they were a bit silly and fancy, with all their jewelry and fastidious attention to their hair and tattoos.

It's time to stop being so coy when dealing with queer. It's not enough to announce that some Harry Potter Wizard is queer and retreat or say nothing more about it.
Breezy hints are not enough any more. Psychotix comes in like a full force gale wind. A Category 5 hurricane that blow you away!

Sure this is a shameless plug for my own work. But this community to meant to feature the cartoons and erotic art of my fellow queer cartoonists. You are also welcome to post cartoons about the really fucked up religious right and other homophobic nutcases. Bears are welcome. Those who like their men to be men. Those interested in Tom of Finland's work can post. Sex-x-x-y art. Erotic gay art.

I also contribute to gothixmagazine an online zine that reviews other peoples zines and artwork. But here. This is a forum for gay men.

Books already published: ALL ARE FOR MATURE READERS ONLY:

The Adventures of Psychotix Book One: Psychotix Meets Texus Separatus
The Adventures of Psychotix Book Two: The Village Lightning Rod
The Adventures of Psychotix Stubborn Old Nitwit


Texus Separatus: How He Came To The Village

All are available at: http://www.landwaster.com

Rules for Content: can be x-rated, erotic and teasing, may attack political figures, celebrities, the Religious Right, Satires of chicktracts, but please nothing personal (unless the person is a celebrity and has a "wide stance") and illegal. No underage porn allowed. Absolutely. But gay art.
Note this community is members only and only members can post and comment. No spams, trolls and hate mail.