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Religious Right's Feeble Arguments 
19th-Apr-2009 12:19 pm
Evil Pope
Come on, is the Religious Right this intellectually and morally bankrupt that they have to put out this Gathering Storm commercial?

They lost the abortion debate, the Creationist debate is receding in favor of common sense. But they always have to have a wedge issue. So the best they can come up with is this, a misinformed video. But this retort is one of the best I have seen. They juxtapose the most absurd points in the Gathering Storm video, sponsored by the National Organization For Marriage, and the response to those points:

There are several good retorts to the Gathering Storm video, but this one is one of the most delicious, sane, rational and intelligent.

I have been angered by the Religious Right, I have been enraged by the Religious Right, I have felt threatened by the Religious Right. But now I am embarrassed by the Religious Right.

Their moral authority is completely exhausted, dudes. Their arguments are petering out and becoming really feeble and dreary.

If they really think that an attack on a minority population who has done nothing to harm them is the answer to their prayers, then they are in for unanswered prayers.
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