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Be Proud Of Your Work!
Alternative Cartoons for Alternative Men
Why Can't They Just Leave Me Alone? 
27th-Apr-2009 01:08 pm
Evil Pope
Psychotix. What a little fireball he is. He works hard, parties hard and loves with all his heart. His love is an all-encompassing, enveloping love. He must throw himself completely emotionally and bodily into his marriage with Texus. His love for him almost completely insulates him from the disapproval of the villagers. If not for one enemy: Retrogressix. This fat old bastard, however has 7 sons in the village and none dare to cross him, much to Psychotix's eternal irritation. This rigid, right wing nutjob just can't leave him alone. He wants the throne to himself. The chief has designated Psychotix his rightful successor. After all, Chief Vitriolix is doing things the Roman way: adopting Psychotix as his son and choosing him as next of kin for the throne.

Retrogressix, as the next youngest brother to the chief, thinks the throne and all rights therin should naturally go to him. What is the chief's problem?

Maybe the fact that he's an intolerable asshole might have something to do with it? (He even looks sort of like Jerry Fallwell, though don't quote me on that.)

Life would be less than bearable if but the fact that many of Retrogressix's grandsons are a cool bunch who support Psychotix and also are gay.

Still, life would be easier without Retrogressix and his built-in yes-men running around the village spying on him.

But where would the fun be in that?
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