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Alternative Cartoons for Alternative Men
Series Renamed Psychotix & Texus 
6th-Jul-2009 12:37 pm
Evil Pope
The series has been renamed from the Adventures of Psychotix to: Psychotix and Texus.

This is to celebrate their married togetherness in an age when barriers to gay relationships are falling all over the world. Who would have thought that Delhi, India would throw off the final shackles of British Colonialism to recognize that gay relationships are a fact and should not be restricted anymore?

When the series was created in 1998, Canada had not yet allowed gays to legally marry. Nor did any of the states in the U.S.

Some of the major characters in the series:


Gaius "Caligula" certainly was erratic and did some really deranged and crazy stuff. He defiled a wedding couple, forced his Senators to put their wives in brothels to raise money for Rome. Had weird fetishes for horses, hated goats, hated his hairy body and sometimes executed a Senator for things such as being too well dressed for his tastes. Or sitting above him. he later thought he was a God and had his horse named a Senator.

He's a guy who would have benefited from Prozac for sure. But was it being completely crazy in a schizoid manner--or a sociopath who was indulged to the full all of his life so he grew up thinking that he could simply get away with anything? So that when he became Emperor, he didn't have any restraint. Which he didn't. He spent Rome into a hole that would have made Bernie Madoff look like a lemonade stand scammer.

His relationship with Emperor Tiberius was not a keen one. Tiberius hated him. He lost no opportunity to take swipes at his character. He tolerated him when they had their orgies together. The idea that Rome was nothing but one long orgy starts from Emperor Tiberius and Caligula's time.

This is what the Medieval Christians' final verdict was for all of Rome for all the history of Rome.

It's unfair, because only some of the Emperors indulged in orgies. They started with Tiberius and ended with Nero. There were some others that briefly were corrupt partyers but Nero was the last of the great partyers that were able to get away with it for years.

After Nero, the Praetorian Guard found out that they could be kingmakers, and bad Emperors tended not to last very long after Nero was forced to commit suicide, Tiberius died under suspicious circumstances and Caligula was cut down after 4 short years.

But I digress.

Caligula in Psychotix & Texus is presented as a sociopathic spoiled brat drifting around the palace while Tiberius backhands him in his usual sarcastic manner. Tiberius knows Caligula is young, deranged and incompetent, (he's only 19 at this time) but he doesn't care because he's an old man and knows he's going to die soon and then all his troubles will be over and Rome gets Caligula as its just reward. Tiberius hates Rome and Rome hates Tiberius.

Tiberius does not attempt to teach Caligula how to govern but secretly teaches Claudius, the third player in Rome and who is going to be discoursed in tomorrow's blog.
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