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Be Proud Of Your Work!
Alternative Cartoons for Alternative Men
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24th-Nov-2007 12:05 pm - Hi. Just An Update
Awesome Vendetta Mask
I am one of the co-publishers of The Adventures of Psychotix and we are currently working on The Adventures of Psychotix Book Three: Stubborn Old Nitwit It's in the scanning stage. We should have it up by December/January but you can find the other three:

hereCollapse )

If you are a new reader and want all the books, just say here and we can probably work out a discount.

Also note: we don't go through Amazon because they don't pay
We don't go through Barnes & Noble because they don't pay
We don't go through Diamond because we always pay way more than we get out

We are a self-sustaining website. We're very proud of what we publish.

Just wanted to let you know.
Evil Pope
I recently did a blog about a man listed in a newspaper article being identified as gay because he is Streisand-Obsessed.

If you fit in to that category, or identify yourself as a bitch. This is not the site for you.

In the series, Psychotix kills men who try to switch pronouns with him or identifies him as anything other than a man. He belongs to a group of men called the Men's Club. They are not pinks, they're not femmes. Anything but.

If you're adverse to violence, well, the series has plenty of it. Psychotix has no qualms about fighting back. Usually in a rage, but he fights his own battles. And nobody steps on him. Ever.

He is no victim. He does not play the victim's game. You need to know. He is so out and proud it's not an issue with him or anybody else—who has a brain that is. Everybody knows it. It's his personality that make most people tiptoe around him.

That issue though, is incidental to the fact that he is madly in love with his spouse Texus Separatus and theirs a hot, passionate marriage. Psychotix fight hard and loves hard.

Texus is more subtle. He is more refined and dignified, looks delicate but watch out. He is a very deadly man to cross.

There is a lot of hair in this series. We are talking about first century Rome.
There are big hairy bears. Soldiers. Long-haired celts.

And it was probably the golden age for gay men. (next to Greece, of course)
Emperor Tiberius was bisexual and so was Caligula. He celebrated one couple's marriage by doing both of them.

So, for the Streisand lovers, Bette Midler swooners, Hairspray the Musical fans, you might want to check out more suitable sites.
19th-Nov-2007 05:16 pm - New Book Project
Evil Pope
It's called The Adventures of Psychotix Book Four: Tiberius's Long Shadow.
It's in the process of being penciled and inked.
So, there.
17th-Nov-2007 03:46 pm - Book Is Finished!!
Serbe & Baccus
It's called: The Adventures of Psychotix Book Three Stubborn Old Nitwit

This wry book is about the continuing adventures of a proudly gay Celtic man, married to his only true love, Roman Texus Separatus. In this book he has to battle Retrogressix, the brother of the chief, Vitriolix, who thinks he should be the chosen successor.
Retrogressix is using Psychotix's marriage to Texus as a wedge issue, claiming that Texus's presence is going to destroy their way of life.

Meanwhile Emperor Tiberius is closing in on a traitor, Ilius Sejanus, who has been plotting against him to take over the throne. Tiberius has just found out about the betrayal and is currently gathering information.

Enter Primus Porksamplus. He is Tiberius's lead espionage agent and a former lover of Texus. He is jumping at the chance to use Psychotix for a mission that would take him to the Island of Capreae and away from Texus, so that he can attempt to rekindle their relationship.

He knows he would be putting Psychotix in danger because Caligula is also on the Island and he hates blond haired men.

But would Texus go for it? And what about Primus' lover of 13 years? What's his reaction?

Also find out who is really is the man behind all the intrigue and is already plotting Caligula's fate.

Look for the first two books:

The Adventures of Psychotix Book One: Psychotix Meets Texus Separatus

This is the book where Psychotix is reunited with his long lost lover Texus who was literally ripped from his arms 13 years ago, both thinking the other dead. They get married in this issue, secretly, and desperately wants to keep their marriage a secret.

But guess who can't keep his mouth shut. Just by seeing the Roman, Retrogressix is angered and sees Texus as a threat. Find out why.
Also, Psychotix dumps his current lover in a most tactless way.

The Adventures of Psychotix Book Two: The Village Lightning Rod

All Psychotix wants is to enjoy his newlywed status with Texus but his friends won't leave them alone. Retrogressix is infuriated when he finds out what was supposed to be a secret and is already trying to divide the village.
Find out why Chief Vitriolix chose Psychotix, his nephew, over his brother, Retrogressix.

Psychotix's old lover Drunkenkwix does not take the news very well, either. He takes his frustrations out on Texus, but regrets it immediately.

And Texus Separatus's own book:

Texus Separatus: How He Came To The Village

A journal style book that chronicles how Texus first met Psychotix, why he was ripped out of his arms. His adventures in Rome. His meteoric rise in the Roman ranks that allows him to meet Emperor Tiberius and be tortured by the horrible Caligula.
He also meets future Emperor Claudius.

Also included his relationship with Primus Porksamplus and some others who turn out to be high-ranking confidants of the Emperor.

Through all this adventures and misadventures (including a few assassination attempts) little Texus never forgets Psychotix. Once he finds out he's indeed alive, nothing can stop him from reuniting with his only true love.

This series is unapologetically gay. Very gay. Indeed, Psychotix is so out and proud that it's the straights that do the tip-toeing around him.

All can be found on this website:

hereCollapse )
16th-Nov-2007 03:29 pm - Working on book
jesus gives the finger
I haven't posted for a while because I have been busy working on my book, Stubborn Old Nitwit but if you would like to see my personal rants on the political situation in the U.S. about the embarrassments of Representative Larry Craig and Ted Haggert, feel free to read my own personal rants on my blog.

Believe me, those issues are colored in the book in the form of Retrogressix. The opponent of Psychotix. Retrogressix is a man who represents everything that is wrong with the Religious Right and their cohorts, the Republicans.

So these people are threatened by the idea that two people with the same body parts are united in a committed, lifetime, exclusive arrangement.

yeah, when I put it that way it seems rather———honorable.

But they don't see it that way. They want to strike irrational fear into the hearts of their constituents who probably couldn't tell you why they hate gay people.

So, I think you will like the series. I pull no punches.

Oh, and I must thank Facebook for becoming corporate. That always means another avenue of free speech is going to be choked off. Bravo for selling us down the river. Again.
Evil Pope
Things are heating up with working on the book and in the political situation.

My, my have people who hate gays come out of the wood work. And come out!

Ha, ha.

My bad.I'm so not ashamed of myself
24th-Jan-2007 09:08 pm - You'll Never See This In Asterix
Evil Pope
Psychotix is not Asterix. He's nowhere near being like Asterix. There is no magic potion. There are no unrealistically strong men. In the book are ordinary men. Well, not entirely ordinary. Actually, these guys are exceedingly not ordinary.

What is Psychotix? He's a Gaul, alright. But he is so openly queer that the straight men walk afraid for a change.

He is also naughty. He has an insatiable sex drive and if the position can be done, he's done it.

How naughty is he? here's an example…

DREADFULLY naughty picture. VERY graphicCollapse )
26th-Oct-2006 04:06 pm - Here's A Page To Be Put In Book Four
No, YOU'RE weird

This is Psychotix donning his great-grandfather's full battle chieftan's uniform complete with long sword, shield and dagger.

This is from The Adventures of Psychotix Book Four: Tiberius's Long Shadow

I found it really didn't have room in Book Three, Stubborn Old Nitwit, because it's quite stuffed with goodies (and baddies).
29th-Sep-2006 03:00 pm - What I Am Working On:
Evil Pope
Here is a Sample Page from The book I am working on titled Psychotix and Texus Separatus in: Stubborn Old Nitwit:

A bit of history on the series.

1. Psychotix and Texus Separatus are a gay married couple who live during the time of Tiberius, Caligula and early Christianity. During this time, many of Jesus' apostles were still alive and spreading the Word, including in Gaul, so some of the series is going to be dealing with the fanaticism of the early Christians.

To Psychotix and Texus, the Word is going to sound to them like Scientology to us: completely alien and whacked out.

Psychotix's ancestors originally came from Siberia and Germania, so some of the village religious beliefs are of the Norse Gods (Asatru) The series takes place 4 years after Jesus' crucifixion, so the fanaticism is picking up pace.

Christianity is going to make it's way to the village with terrifying results—for the Christians.

2. The series includes the tense relationships between Emperor Tiberius and Caligula. The series begins just as the Emperor's number 1, Ilius Sejanus is attempting a coup. Watch how Psychotix and Texus are instrumental in stopping the coup.

3. The village is caught between carrying on the old traditions and being introduced to modern Roman modes.

4. The village name is Ruby Ridge.

5. Psychotix has a mysterious affliction that sends him into temporary insane episodes. Texus has an affiliation with a deadly secret society.

6. The series focuses mainly on Psychotix and Texus' adventure-filled and loving marriage.

7. The series is for mature audiences only because there is fairly explicit sex, course language and violence.

8. The series is very tongue-in-cheek.

Stay tuned. The book will be out by Christmas.

You can also find:
The Adventures of Psychotix, Book One: Psychotix Meets Texus Separatus
The Adventures Of Psychotix Book Two: The Village Lightning Rod

Texus Separatus How He Came To The Village Book One
on http://www.Lulu.com
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